Our offices are conveniently located in Scranton and the Greater Wilkes-Barre, PA.
Please review the information below on how to contact us.

Email us with questions or comments about either location: office@drtiffanygriffiths.com.
Click on STAFF BIOS, above, for complete list of telephone extensions for all associates.


Click HERE for Directions to all five of our locations.

 Scranton Area

In Clarks Summit:

406 N. State Street
Clarks Summit, PA 18411
1.570.342.8434 (Telephone)  1.570.319.5949 (Fax)

In Dunmore:
502 North Blakely St.
Dunmore, PA,18512
1.570.342.8434 (Telephone)  1.570.342.7446 (FAX)

In Peckville:
1031 Main St.
Peckville, PA 18452
1.570.342.8434 (Telephone)  1.570.291.4960 (FAX)

Greater Wilkes-Barre Area

In Exeter:
1251 Wyoming Ave,
Exeter, PA,18643
1.570.654.HELP (Telephone)   1.570.654.4168 (FAX)

In Kingston:
470 Wyoming Avenue
Kingston, PA 18704
1.570.654.HELP (Telephone)   1.570.288.1084 (FAX)